Teen Reports Horse Abuse at Team Roping

Team Roping

15 year old Kendra Gray is certainly not making any friends when she took photos and reported what she described as repeated horse abuse by some team ropers at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.  Miss Gray reports that she saw the horse rider using a bit that cut the horses lips, while beating the horse with a lasso and pulling on the reigns, giving the horse  mixed messages.  When Gray saw blood dripping from the horses mouth, she broke down in tears.

Gray’s father backs up her report, and adds some information of his own.  When he gave his report to the investigating officers, he added that tensions flared when the cowboys noticed Kendra taking photos and especially when she asked them to stop being so aggressive.  “I was in a dangerous situation,” he said.

The cowboys claim that the only injuries to the horse, a 6 year old black mare, came when she was gored by a steer.

The Sheriff office is investigating the situation.  “”There are these two diverging sides that we have at this point.  We definitely will try to talk to everyone that was there and get their side of it, “Sheriff Cmdr. Heidi Prentup told reporters.

Original Story: Daily Camera

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