Terrorists Kill 10 Horses at Pickens Sanctuary


Elko County, Nevada – The Mustang Monument, based near Elko Nevada, is a 900 square mile sanctuary and eco-resort for wild Mustangs.  It is a place for Mustangs to live out their lives in peace, without fear of being rounded up and shipped to slaughter.  That all changed when Madeleine Pickens discovered a dead horse laying on the ground near a fence post.  The horse was one of her favorites, named Scarlet.  It was quickly found that fences had been cut and all of the wells and pumps tampered with.  A total of 10 horses thirsted to death, and a dozen are still missing.  7 of the horses were still alive when they were discovered, but were too far dehydrated to save.  The bodies of the dead horses were found scattered around the destroyed water source, dying an agonizing death in the blistering heat.

Pickens is offering a $100,000 reward for information about those responsible for destroying the water sources and killing the horses in the most cruel way possible.  The sabotaging happened in one of the 12,000 acre sections of the ranch.

The Mustang Monument has been plagued with trespassing and vandalism since it opened.

This is a continuation of trespass activities that have plagued Mustang Monument since she bought the ranch many years ago to try and create a place where the American people could come and see wild horses in their natural setting.  But the powers that be in the Congress and the BLM, the federal agency that manages the wild horses, have never been willing to put their whole-hearted support behind the project and the illegal trespass acts have continued.  But no one could ever imagine that the criminal element of horse haters would ever resort to an act so cruel as virtually terrorizing wild animals on private property that were no threat, nuisance or bother to anyone.  – Press Release

Madeleine Pickens
Madeleine Pickens saying “Goodbye” to Scarlet.


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