Thoroughbred Rescue That Stole Horse Shut Down


Kittitas County, Washington – Sheriff Deputies with the Kittitas County Sheriff Department seized 14 horses from a Thoroughbred Rescue Tuesday afternoon.  The Sheriff Office had been investigating Emerald City Thoroughbred Project for quite some time, and are pressing animal cruelty charges against founders James and Deborah Kingcade.  “We usually try to work with animal owners to come up with a plan to care for the animals,” Undersheriff Clay Myers said. “But all of those processes have failed in this case. We now feel obligated to take this to the next level and take the animals to ensure they can be cared for.”

The Kingcade’s were also found to be in possession of a stolen horse when they refused to return Aine Morris’ horse, Eve.  After 3 months, multiple lawsuits and the Kingcade’s being found in contempt of court, Eve was finally removed from the rescue.  She was living in absolutely horrible conditions, had no veterinarian or farrier care for her severely foundered hooves, and was underweight.  Aine Morris started a Facebook group, Justice for Eve, to chronicle the events.

Horse Being Seized

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