Touching Story of Horse Injured in Fight Against ISIS

Horse in Bartella
Horse in Bartella

Bartella, Iraq – Ayub Nuri, a journelist working for the Rudaw news agency, entered Bartella, a Christian town near Mosul, shortly after it was liberated from Isis by the Iraqi army.  As he documented the shattered homes, broken infrastructure and bomb craters, he came upon an unlikely survivor.  An injured grey horse, standing between two destroyed shops, drew Nuri’s attention. “Like everything else in this town, this horse is also hurt,” tells the camera.

Nuri spends some time with the horse, who is injured in the front right leg.  Someone had taken the time to bandage his leg, but the horse is in obvious pain as he cannot even take a step to eat some food left for him.  Nuri gave the horse some food and water, but could do nothing else.  The horse is a grim reminder that animals often suffer the most in the brutality of human war.


Original story and video: Rudaw

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