Trainer Beats Tied Horse After Falling Off

Chloe Morgan hitting tied horse.
Chloe Morgan hitting tied horse.

Update: Chloe Morgan talks to reporters – News Link

Carmarthenshire, South Wales – Trainer Chloe Morgan set the internet on fire when she was videod beating a tied horse.  The video starts with Morgon on the back of the grey pony.  The pony, which is obviously untrained, bucks twice and Morgan hops off.  She immediately begins whipping the still tied pony, striking it many times from multiple directions.  At one point she can be heard saying, in anger, “You bucked me off,” before striking it again.  Near the end of the video, a stable hand kicks the pony to move it away from the wall.

The video has been seen nearly 2 million times in less than a day.

Those wishing to report the abuse to authorities may do so on the RSPCA’s website at this link.






Chloe Morgan
Chloe Morgan’
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