Trainer Mark Russell Dies From Horse Accident

Mark Russell

Mark Russell, a well known natural dressage trainer on the east coast, passed away after suffering injuries sustained during a clinic.  Russell, aged 64, was demonstrating training techniques with a young horse when he landed badly in what is described as a freak accident.  The landing caused cervical neck fractures.  Russell was flown to Beth Israel Hospital in Boston.  Russell was unable to overcome the injuries and passed away. “This was described as a freak accident with a young horse, and he never regained consciousness,” wife Hela Russell said. “However, on the upside, he was an organ donor — and he helped to save three peoples’ lives.  Mark was beloved by many people across the country, and, actually, across the globe.  He has traveled from state to state, diligently trying to access as many people as possible, sharing his message of putting the horse first and paying attention to the horse’s physical and emotional well-being, because, without that, you risk damaging the horse.”

A GoFundMe fundraiser has raised nearly $25,000 to help with the medical expenses and the family’s loss of income.  A memorial service is planned for later this summer.

Mark Russell

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