Trainer Starves and Returns Injured Horse

BigYin's Forehead

Cody and BigYin  In Hockley, Texas, Cody Lavelle, a precious 6-year-old girl, was devastated when her best friend, BigYin, returned from a trainer with a big gash on his forhead and underweight.   “He is a really, really, really good horse to me,” Cody told reporters.  BigYin was the first horse Cody had ever ridden and Cody had grown up with him.

BigYin was sent to a trainer for 6 weeks.  During that time, the trainer says that BigYin spooked and hit his head on a trailer, damaging his forehead.  As to why he was underfed, the trainer simply said the family didn’t send enough food for him, and feed was not part of the training fee.  Cody’s mom disputes those claims and told reporters that 4 weeks ago the trainer simply stopped responding to phone calls and BigYin was finally returned by someone who works for him.

The trainer has threatened to sue the Lavelle family for slander over what they have posted on Facebook and other social media outlets.


Original Story and Video: Click2Houston

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