Trainer Who Beat Tied Horse Talks to Reporters

Chloe Morgan and Emry
Chloe Morgan and Emry

Carmarthenshire, South Wales – Chloe Morgan, the 17-year-old horse trainer caught on camera beating a tied horse after it bucked her off, has talked to reporters about the incident.  The teen admitted to hitting the horse, named Emry, “once or twice” in a statement.  “I wouldn’t say I’m 100% experienced and I’m nowhere near professional. I hit him once, maybe twice.   I deeply apologise for what I’ve done and wouldn’t do it again. I’d never harm a horse.”  She claims the video seems worse than it is.

Chloe’s mother, Joanne Williams, claims the family has been receiving death threats.  She says a man with a metal bar threatened her husband, and the family has received over 2,000 hate filled messages.  “We’ve had people at our front door, death threats even people saying they’ll burn our house down with us inside.   I’d never harm a horse, I just want people to leave me, my family and Chloe alone”  Williams told reporters.

The RSPCA and local police visited the family and investigated the beating, but no arrests were made.  The RSPCA said they could not comment on the ongoing investigation.



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