Trial Delayed for Dayle Kountz

Young Doc Bar

Gellatin County, Montana – Dayle Kountz, who refused to provide veterinary care for his young stallion, Young Doc Bar, after he lacerated his leg, is back in court.  The young stallion lost his hoof and part of his leg, and became emaciated with bed sores.  Kountz never provided veterinary care, but kept him alive to collect semen.  When authorities served a search warrant at his arena, they also found a calf laying in its own feces, comatose and having seizures.  Both Young Doc Bar and the calf were euthanized.

The trial was set to go before a 5 person jury in April, but the attorney representing Kountz asked the Montana Supreme Court to intervene in the case.  After a review, the justices refused.  Kountz attorney plans to petition the court for a change of venue, alleging he would be unable to receive a fair trial due to the publicity.  The judge decided against setting a trial date due to the issues raised by the defense, but for now, the trial is expected to be sometime in 2017.

Kountz is facing 2 counts of aggravated felony animal abuse and could face 4 years in prison.  He was previously convicted of animal cruelty in 1999.

Dayle Kountz

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