Truck Towing Horses Burns in Under 2 Minutes

Horse Trailer and Burning Truck

Arkansas – As Ray and Kathee Glodowski were driving their 2007 Ram up a hill towing their horses, they had no idea that within 2 minutes their trip would be nearly disastrous.  The turbo on the engine caught fire, and within 90 seconds, the truck was completely burned.  By the time the truck was stopped, Kathee was dragging their dogs out and throwing them on the highway with flames whipping around her body and head.  Ray pushed the emergency brake down to keep the truck from rolling backwards, climbed in the back of the truck to unhook the safety chains from their trailer, inhaling noxious fumes as he did so.  Bystanders who stopped to assist helped unload the two horses in the trailer while others furiously unhooked the trailer and dragged it backwards to spare it from the raging inferno.  Their quick actions kept the propane tanks from exploding on the trailer.  Kathee Glodowski wrote on her Facebook wall “As the truck burned, tires were exploding, glass was exploding and flying everywhere. One of my horses was nearly hit with debris. Airbags exploding, AC compressor, you get the idea.”


The Glodowski’s tried using their 2 fire extinguishers on the fire, but the only effect they seemed to have was making the fire angrier.  Bystanders fire extinguishers had the same effect.

A bystander, Erika, held the Gladowski’s horses on the side of the highway in 100 degree weather for multiple hours until transportation could be arranged.  The horses appear to be fine and survived their brush with death without injury.  The Glodowski’s also seem to be doing fine, and they want others to know they need a plan for evacuating their vehicle quickly, including a tool to cut seatbelts and smash windows if necessary.

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Kathee and Ray Glodowksi

Burned Tow Rig

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