Two Illegally Butchered Horses Found

Butchered Horse Bones

Miami-Dade, Florida – A second illegally butchered horse has been found in south Miami-Dade in only two days, and residents are frightened.  SPCA spokesperson Laurie Waggoner told reporters “It’s a problem because it was probably someone’s pet that was stolen and butchered for her meat.”

The first horse was discovered in pieces, every bit of usable meat stripped from its bones.  “It doesn’t matter to the people selling the meat that it’s toxic. All they care about is making a dollar,” Waggoner said. “They go in and they steal someone’s pet, doesn’t cost them a thing. They butcher it. They can butcher it in a matter of minutes, some of these people.” Employees at a nearby farm called police on Friday to report a missing horse, and they fear the worst.

The second horse was found a few miles from the first horse down a long gravel road.  He was found by a person riding a horse, who called the SPCA.

These cases are hard to prosecute due to the remote locations and the lack of witnesses.  For now, the SPCA and the Miami-Dade Animal Services have teamed up to hopefully find who is responsible.

Butchered Horse Bones

Butchered Horse Bones

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