Update on Broken Baby Rescued From Ravine

Valentine the Rescued Baby Horse

As reported in a news story on February 16, Valentine was rescued from the bottom of a ravine.

A 6 day old infant colt was rescued from a steep ravine by members of the Fremont Fire Department and Fremont Animal Services.  The colt was in the ravine for 2 days, freezing, cold, alone, with no mother in sight.  He was found in a pool of water, soaking wet and in shock.

When the colt was rescued no one thought he was going to make it.  “He has a will to live,” Sarah Cattaneo of Fremont Animal Services said. “The vet was shocked that he made it through it.”

Valentine was rushed to UC Davis for emergency surgery.  Valentine is doing well recovering from her surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

The owner of Valentine came forward and claimed ownership.  He had a long discussion with Fremont Police and other city officials, and after discussing the baby’s current and future medical care, realized it would be the best interest of his personal finances and Valentine’s future to surrender her to the city.  For the first time since it’s incorporation 60 years ago, the City of Fremont owns a horse.  Animal Care Services will be working to find a permanent home for Valentine.

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