Veterinarian Risks Life to Save Flooded Mini’s

Vet and Mini

Mini on Airboat  Dr Lowell Rogers of Pine Belt Veterinary Hospital in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, risked his life to rescue 3 miniature horses that were abandoned in the middle of a flood with 2 large horses.  The National Guard determined the area too dangerous to operate in and left, but Dr Lowell would not let the minis die without a fight.  With the National Guard abandoning the rescue, Dr Lowell knew it was up to him to save their lives.  The horses were in or near a horse trailer that was becoming submerged with water, and with no time to spare, Dr Lowell implemented a rescue plan.

Flooded Trailer  Dr Lowell and volunteers used an air-boat to get to the minis in the trailer.  One of the miniature horses was swept downstream before the rescue team could secure it.  The other two miniature horses were sedated one at a time, rolled onto the air-boat, and taken to dry ground.  The two large horses could not swim to safety due to the extremely strong current and debris in the water.  Dr Lowell and his team believed the horse trailer was on the highest point and left the two large horses tied to the trailer.

Pine Belt Veterinary Hospital released a statement on their Facebook page: “The two minis rescued yesterday are doing just fine and the big horses today are safely back on dry land and have been checked out by Dr. Lowell and are doing just fine. The other mini that was missing yesterday was unfortunately found deceased downstream.”

Kelly Creel, a resident of Hattiesburg, wrote on her facebook: “I witnessed true Humanity for animals in Hattiesburg, Ms. today. A vet risked his life to reach the smallest mini horse before it was completely covered and carried away by the flood waters. Regardless of this tragedy and the National Guard leaving (due to the risk of this mission) the vet did not give up. With air boats, local departments and animal people the two other mini horses were sedated, then transported out of the flooding waters by boat…  With the world as it is today it is so rewarding to witness true humanity in the raw. Especially in my home town.”



Original Story, Photos and Video of the Rescue: Pine Belt Vet Hospital Facebook

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