Waterboarding Trainer Talks to Media

Logan Allen

Glenwood, Iowa – Logan Allen, the now infamous trainer who posted photos of waterboarding his horse and photos of roping a cow and training dogs to attack, has come forward and talked to local media.  Logan spoke to KETV 7  and WOWT 6.

“I love horses more than anybody out there,” Logan told KETV. “Every day I use horses and the last thing I’m going to do is hurt one. I mean, they’re a partner to me. I’m not going to hurt my partner.  It’s just a technique that some people do with their horses to gain trust. The absolute worst thing you can do when you lay one down is to hurt him, and I did not hurt him.”

Logan brought a 3-year-old horse named Prickly Pear to Hooves and Paws Rescue to meet with WOWT.  He brought Prickly Pear to the rescue to prove that the horse is alive, despite many people claiming to the contrary.  His actions may not quell the controversy, as the horse Logan brought to the rescue has a star, while the horse in the photo being waterboarded does not appear to have a star.  Logan told reporters “The horse’s face was never wet.”

Prickly Pear

The Mills County Sheriff department is investigating.  Please sign the Change.org petition asking for Logan Allen to be prosecuted for animal abuse.

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