Wild Horses Don’t Need Shade According to BLM

Dead Filly

Reno, Nevada – As summer temperatures sore into the triple digits, the BLM has decided whether it will provide shade to over 1,000 horses suffering through the summer heat at the Palomino Valley Wild Horse and Burro Center (PVC.)   In July, 2013, Protect Mustangs‘s investigator James Hart photographed a young filly that died of heat related illness at the PVC.   Dr. Friedlander, DVM, testified to the Bureau of Land Management that from a veterinarian standpoint, the horses must be given access to shade or they will suffer from heat induced illness.

Three years after the little filly died in the pen from lack of shade, John Neil, director of PVC stated “it’s my call” whether the horses will receive shade, and he doesn’t think they need it.  No doubt he made his decision from the comfort of his air conditioned office. BLM requires adopters to have 3 sided structures for adopted mustangs, but refuses to provide any shelter for the over 1,0000 horses at the PVC.  BLM should be held to the identical standard of care for wild horses that they impose upon adopters.



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