Woman Fined for Rescuing Starving Wild Horse

Wild Horse

Utah – A woman has been fined $275 for removing what BLM officials are calling a wild horse.  The incident occurred when Cynthia Stoetzer noticed a very emaciated young horse following her horses around as she was camping.  She gave the horse food and water, which it devoured.  The starving young horse broke Stoetzer’s heart.

Stoetzer returned home, but the mental images of the starving horse wouldn’t leave her mind.  She called the BLM numerous times but her calls were never returned.  She returned to her camp site two days later, and picked up the horse.  She took it to Best Friends Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

Federal officials with the BLM eventually contacted Stoetzer, removed the horse from Best Friends, and fined Stoetzer $275 for removing the wild horse.  Stoetzer is not sure it is truly a wild horse considering its behavior around humans, or if it was a domesticated horse that was abandoned.


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