Woman Sentenced for Starving Horses to Death

Shyrell Wood's Horse

Shyrell Wood  Tacoma, Washington – Animal Control officers, investigating reports of abuse at the home of Shyrell Wood, 25, were shocked to find an 8-year-old Thoroughbred, Buttermilk, starving and unable to get on her feet.  She laid on the frozen ground, her body temperature dropping rapidly. Animal Control spokesperson Brian Boman told reporters she was “Severely emaciated to no fat whatsoever anywhere on the body.  Using up fat reserves and things like that. It’s pretty much a skeleton with skin wrapped around it.”

Buttermilk was euthanized on the scene to relieve her intense suffering.  A pasture mate, Shylo, died a few days later from starvation as well.

Wood was arrested for animal abuse, convicted and was recently sentenced.  Wood claimed she did not have money to feed her horses properly, a defense the judge found inexcusable.  “Why didn’t she just turn them over to someone instead of starving them death?” Judge Stanley Rumbaugh asked.  Wood’s only response to the conviction was “I messed up. I lost… .. I can’t.”

Judge Rumbaugh sentenced Wood to 5 days in jail, 1 year of electronic monitoring and a lifetime ban on owning or caring for horses.  Despite the short incarceration, Animal Control is actually pleased.  “It’s better than what we normally get.  Normally we don’t see too many people actually get in custody,” Boman told reporters.  Two of Wood’s other horses survived the ordeal and have new homes.

Original Story and Pictures: KOMO

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