16 Month Horse Sored and Ridden

Douglas Todd

Update: Read part 2 of Douglas Todd’s training methods.  See him chemically burn and tie a horses legs up as he rides it.  Link.

Photographs of a Tennessee Walker Trainer riding a 16 month old foal, Phantom Mark, in full stacks and chains is raising a ruckus around the internet.  In the photos, Douglass Todd can be seen riding the young foal, causing irreparable damage to the developing skeletal structure of the baby.

Many experts recommend waiting until a horse is a minimum of 2 years old to begin light saddle training.  Many people believe 4-5 years old is an appropriate age to begin heavy riding.  Whatever the case, no veterinarian will agree with a full size adult male human riding a 16 month old foal.

Douglas Todd
Douglas Todd


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