100 Horse Boarding Stable Evicted by City

Boarding stable being evicted.
Boarding stable being evicted.

Richmond, California – A 100 horse stable and its occupants have been given a 30 day eviction notice by city officials.  The eviction notice comes after 17 years of business.

“The city has been well aware of these horses for the last 17 years as has Animal Control,” Jabier Castaneda, who is boarding 4 horses at the facility, said.  “The horses and their owners have been participants in the city’s 23rd street Cinco de Mayo parade year after year. Owner’s frequently ride the trails of Point Pinole Regional Park and Alvarado park as well.”

The city states the boarding stable is operating in a light-industrial zone, and is incompatible with the zoning.  The city is also concerned with environmental damage, the boarding stable being used as a layover for horses shipping to slaughter and the regular removal of stolen and abandoned cars.  “The current uses at the site do not align with the land use/zoning allowed for the site; the site poses significant fire hazards; the site operates as an illegal transfer station; the city has received numerous service calls at the site (including a call for a possible dead body) and has recovered multiple stolen vehicles at the site (I believe around 14); and the county is concerned about the health and safety of the 100-plus horses located at the site,” Richmond mayor told reporters.

The horse owners are allowed to feed and care for their horses during the 30 days, but are not allowed to remove their horses from the boarding stable unless they are removing them permanently.

The horse owners are worried they will be unable to find a suitable location to move their horses too, and are planning on fighting the eviction.

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