11th Horse Dies at Saratoga

Saratoga Race Course (undated photo)
Saratoga Race Course (undated photo)

Saratoga Springs, New York – Unbroken Chain became the 11th horse to be euthanized following a training or racing accident this year at Saratoga Race Course, and officials are looking into the cause.  The 4-year-old colt “suffered a fatal musculoskeletal injury and was euthanized.”

Since 2009 when the NY Racing Commission began tracking horse deaths on the track, each year between 9 and 16 horses have died on the track.  The Commission, along with Cornell University, is studying the accidents to determine if the horses are predisposed to fatal injuries.  “We find there are unique factors that enter in each one of them. It’s a combination of things that lead up to an unfortunate tragedy,” explained Dr. Scott Palmer with the Wagering Board.

Horseracing Wrongs blog posted a list of the horses that have died at Saratoga Race Course this year.

Lakalas, May 28, “collapsed and died after breezing”
Queen B, July 6, “fractured leg while breezing…ambulanced to clinic – euthanized”
Wanztbwicked, July 22, “suffered an injury while breezing – euthanized on the track”
Angels Seven, July 28, “pulled up, injury to LF leg – euthanized on the track”
Howard Beach, July 29, “suffered a fracture to RF leg breezing and was euthanized”
Positive Waves, July 29, “suffered a fracture to his RF leg breezing – euthanized”
Brooklyn Major, July 31, “collapsed and died after the finish of the race”
Marshall Plan, August 2, “fractured condylar bone while training – euthanized”
Fall Colors, August 3, “horse fell at second fence, died on track”
Munjaz, August 3, “was pulled up…vanned off – euthanized”
Unbroken Chain, August 6, “suffered a fatal musculoskeletal injury – euthanized”

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