13 Therapy Horses Killed in Barn Fire

The Barn for Equine Learn barn destroyed by fire.
The Barn for Equine Learn barn destroyed by fire.

Lowell, Michigan – An early morning fire killed 13 of the 15 horses at The Barn for Equine Learning.  The nonprofit organization has been operating since 2015 and provides therapy for at-risk youth and young adults.

Fighting back tears, founder Kay Welton described the fire as she tried to save at least some of the horses.  “It wasn’t a doubt in my mind that i had to get in that barn.  I had to check.  I had to open stall doors, as many as I could.  I knew after I opened that first stall door, and she was down. Princess Fiona, she was one of our ponies she’s been a staple here and she was down already, I could feel her fur.  13 souls, 13 different personalities, some would drive you nuts, Grandma — one of our best horses, was worth her weight in gold.”

Welton knows the barn will be rebuilt and the organization will rise from the ashes.  Their GoFundMe has raised over $20,000 of their goal of $25,000 to rebuild the barn in only 1 day.

The sheriff department is investigating the matter as a possible criminal matter.


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