18 Horses Die in Barn Fire

Horses in front of the destroyed barn. (source: AP)

Plainfield, Illinois – Two workers making a routine check at 1:45 am were horrified to see flames spreading through the barn at the Del Real Stables.  The workers called for help and rushed to let out as many horses as possible.

30 horses were boarded inside the barn, and the two workers were able to let 12 of them loose before flames completely engulfed the barn.  The two workers suffered minor injuries, and one was treated for smoke inhalation at a local hospital.  18 horses perished in the flames.

Firefighters from 8 neighboring towns arrived to battle the blaze, but with no fire hydrants close by, they had to rely on their limited water supply from their engines and tankers.  “The fire was so well involved at that point anyway that we were just concerned about protecting exposures at that point,” Plainfield Deputy Fire Chief Dave Riddle told reporters. The crews stayed and worked on cleaning up hot spots for nearly 7 hours.

Investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire.

Del Real Stable
Del Real Stable
Del Real Stable
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