23 Horses Run Loose in Golden Gate Park

Horses at Golden Gate Park
Horses at Golden Gate Park

San Francisco, CA – Nearly 2 dozen horses went for a morning jog through Golden Gate park when someone opened their gate and let them loose.  “There’s a latch that comes over the top of the gate as well as a bungee cord arrangement that holds it in place,” said Sarah Madland, spokesperson for the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department. “It doesn’t seem like something a horse could do with its nose or its mouth.”

Wranglers and law enforcement worked for nearly 2 hours to corral the 23 horses back into their pens.  The horses are part of a pilot program to introduce horseback riding as a recreational activity at the park.

There is no investigation into who opened the gate for the horses, but a lock and chain have been installed to prevent the horses escaping again.


Original Story and Video: NBC

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