700 Horse Roundup Begins Tomorrow

Wild Horse Roundup

Utah – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is scheduled to begin a 700 wild horse roundup in the Sulpher Wild Horse Management area.  The roundup will utilize helicopters panels, trucks and trailers, and other methods deemed appropriate by the BLM.  Of the approximately 700 horses removed from the range, 400 will be released back into the wild, with 100-150 of the mares treated with PZP, the contraceptive vaccine.  The remaining 300 horses will be transported to holding facilities for adoption.

The Sulpher Wild Horse Management area contains approximately 265,000 acres of land.  The BLM’s long term plan is to maintain the wild horse population at low enough numbers to keep the range land from becoming overgrazed and destroyed with the horses and cattle that share the same range.

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