Amazing Helicopter Snow Rescue

Horse Being Airlifted

Boulder Mountain, Idaho – Chuck Whitesell and his friends share one incredible passion in winter months: snowmobiling the back country of Boulder Mountain.  While riding on Saturday, four of Chuck’s friends found a lone horse hopelessly trapped in the deep snow at 7,600′ elevation.  As Ryan Miller wrote on a Facebook post “Found the lost horses on side of Boulder Mountain at about 7600 ft. Not a good spot to call winter range. Gonna try to haul him some feed.”  On Sunday, Chuck and some friends took hay and water to the horse, and a helicopter rescue was planned on Tuesday.

Horse lost in back country.
Horse lost in back country.


Tuesday the rescue team rode their way to the horse.  The team sedated the horse and secured him in the harness.  The dramatic air lift was caught on camera as the horse was hoisted into the air by a helicopter.

The horse survived its amazing ride through the air and appears to be doing fine.  No word on who the owner is.

"After all that he won't even look at me!" - Ryan Miller
“After all that he won’t even look at me!” – Ryan Miller
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