Arsonist Targets Horses Locked in Stable

Stables targeted by arson.
Stables targeted by arson.

West Yorkshire, England – Lynn Holdbrook is searching for answers when she nearly lost her precious horse when an arsonist deliberately targeted the stables her horse was boarded at.  When stable worker Rosemarie Bailey arrived Saturday morning to feed, she found the stables on fire.  She called Holdbrook, along with the fire department.  “Hay had been put over each stable door, squirted with lighter fluid and set alight,” Holdbrook told reporters with Horse and Hound.

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25-year-old Topper, almost killed in an arson attack.
25-year-old Topper, almost killed in an arson attack.

A large round bale of hay had been rolled out in front of the stable doors, and then lit on fire.  Holdbrook knew she had to get to 25-year-old Topper.  She pushed the burning hay aside and squeezed into his stall.  “I pushed the hay roll, still on fire, away from his door and saw that practically all of his door had burnt away along with the front of his stable.  I managed to get in, melting my boot soles in the process. Topper was stood as far back as he possibly could like a statue.  I was crying by this time and I hugged him and them stood next to him. I knew I couldn’t get him out because of the fire,” she said.

The Plexiglas window was a melted puddle, and the roof was sagging as the supports were burning.  Firefighters arrived and began spraying the fire.  Once a path was clear, the horses were led out.  Miraculously, no horses were injured in the fire.

West Yorkshire Police are investigating the arson attack, and are appealing to the public for any information.

Original story and photos: Horse and Hound

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