Authorities Seize Horses and Mules After 10 Years of Abuse

Horses on Trailer

Indianapolis, Indiana – Grant County authorities seized 9 neglected and abused animal, 7 of which are stallions, from a house last Thursday.  Neighbors have been reporting the owners to authorities for over a decade, and are relieved that something was finally done.  Teresa Carpenter, a neighbor, told reporters “I’ve been here since 2011.  I’ve watched three horses die and it’s ridiculous.”

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Abused baby horse.
Abused baby horse.

Animal Services had to tranquillize 3 of the animals to load them into the trailers.  Of the 9 horses and mules seized, 4 are under the age of 3 and are completely untrained.

The seized animals were taken to Indiana Horse Rescue, a subsidiary of Animal Protection Coalition, where they are receiving the veterinarian care they need to be rehabilitated.

Original Story and Video: Fox 59

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