Broken Baby Rescued From Ravine 1 Year Later

Valentine when he was rescued.

Fremont, CA – On Valentines Day, 2016, the Fremont Fire Department and Fremont Animal Services rescued a 6 day old colt from the bottom of a ravine.  The colt had been in the bottom of the ravine for 2 days, with a broken pelvis and was found freezing in a pool of water, and in shock.  His broken pelvis was dangerously close to severing a major artery with every movement.  When the colt was rescued no one thought he was going to make it.  “He has a will to live,” Sarah Cattaneo of Fremont Animal Services said. “The vet was shocked that he made it through it.”

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Valentine at bottom of canyon.
Valentine at bottom of canyon.

The owner of the colt, aptly named Valentine, surrendered Valentine to the city of Fremont, and for the first time in 60 years, the city owned a horse.  Valentine was rushed to UC Davis for emergency treatment, and survived his surgery and rehab.

Fremont Police Department posted a Happy Birthday message for Valentine’s fans one year after his rescue.

Happy Birthday Valentine! One year ago today Valentine, who was just 6 days old, was rescued from a ravine up Morrison Canyon Rd by Animal Services and Fremont Fire. Look at him now!

Right now Valentine is spending time with a trainer and is doing wonderfully. Over the last two weeks, the trainer worked on having him blanketed and trailered. He also had his feet trimmed and was groomed. He and is learning the basics like being tied for short periods of time as well as some other ground work. The trainer said, “he is a pleasure to be around.”



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