Canadian Horse Slaughter Regulations Changing

Horse Slaughter Feedlot

Canada – Effective March 31st, major changes are taking place for Canada’s horse slaughter industry, which could cripple the export of horses from the United States.  The changes are being forced upon Canada by the European Union, the largest purchaser of horse meat.

Horses Destined for Slaughter in Canada.
Horses Destined for Slaughter in Canada.

Starting March 31, all horses imported into Canada must remain at a feedlot for 6 months before slaughter.  60% or more of the horses slaughtered in Canada are brought in from the United States, and this rule will increase the cost of importing horses from the US beyond profitability.  Canada exported over $36 million worth of horse meat to the EU in 2016, but with the new rules, the future of horse slaughter in Canada is unknown.

Horse welfare activists are worried that the paperwork will simply be forged for horses that are slaughtered in Canada.  The industry has a long history of skirting the law, and with paperwork forgery so prevalent in all areas of the horse slaughter pipeline, it would come as surprise to no one if horses continued to be slaughtered within days of leaving the United States.

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