Carriage Horse Collapses on Pavement in Central Park

Horse collapsed on NY City streets.

New York City – Photos of a carriage horse collapsed on the pavement have fueled the debate over carriage horses in Central Park once again.  The photos, taken February 21st, show a seemingly exhausted horse laying on its side, surrounded by the driver and concerned onlookers.  Witnesses describe the horse breathing heavily before he collapsed.

Horse collapsed on NY City streets.
Horse collapsed on NY City streets.

The driver,  Chris Emanus, claims the his 15-year-old horse Max, didn’t collapsed, but rather tripped, because he had just gotten back to work from a 8 month reprieve at a farm.  “For eight months he was walking around with no shoes.  The day it happened, he tripped on a little crack in the pavement. That happens sometimes, they trip on a crack. He tripped and went down, but not hard.”

NYCLASS disagrees.  A representative told reporters “Horses don’t just collapse. Something happened, and the city should get to the bottom of it and make sure it never happens again. They should conduct an immediate investigation into the health and whereabouts of this horse, including allowing an independent vet to examine the animal.”

Max was examined by 3 mounted New York Police officers, then taken back to his stable and was seen by a veterinarian.  According to Emanus, the vet found Max to be healthy and he was returned to work.


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