Donkey Slaughter Fuels Rampant Theft

Donkeys slaughtered for their skins in Kenya.
Donkeys slaughtered for their skins in Kenya.

Kenya – The slaughter and exportation of donkey hides is fueling rampant theft of donkeys in Kenya, and those who rely on the animals for their livelihood are suffering.  The stolen donkeys are mainly slaughtered for their hides, tails and livers.

The donkey population in Kenya is rapidly declining, and authorities are worried about the sustainability of the donkey population.  With hundreds of donkeys being slaughtered, legally and illegally, every day, and no breeding farms supplying the demand, dealers in donkey products may see their days numbered.

A donkey hide can fetch up to 30,000 Kenyan shilling, or $290 usd.  “Ol Kalou has thousands of donkeys and we believe the thieves are camping here and neighboring areas,” Ol Kalou police boss Wilson Kosgei told reporters.  He added the stolen donkey hides are shipped to China.

The police are tracking down those responsible for the theft of donkeys, and believe they have identified the mastermind behind the crimes.

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