Drone Spooks Horse and Injures 3

Skijoring accident
Skijoring accident

Silverton, Colorado – Spectators at the annual skijoring race were injured when a horse spooked and ran through the crowd.  2 women were transported to the hospital in ambulances and a man was treated for minor injuries at the scene.  Skijoring, where a horse and rider pull a skier, has been gaining in popularity despite safety concerns.  Last year, a horse was euthanized after falling during a skijoring event.

A low flying drone is thought to have caused the horse to spook in Saturday’s accident.  The rider was seen trying to wave the drone away, but the horse spooked and ran through the crowd. while the rider desperately tried to regain control.  The drone operator was ticketed for flying above the crowd and drones are no longer allowed at the event.


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