Dying Horse Dragged From Trailer Left to Freeze

Dying horse dragged from trailer and left to freeze.
Dying horse dragged from trailer and left to freeze.

Leicestershire, UK – The RSPCA is searching for the person(s) responsible for abandoning a dying horse in a field.  The horse had been tied by her two back legs to a fence, and dragged from the trailer.  The impact of hitting the ground cause a serious injury to her face.  The approximately 12-year-old grey mare was found the next morning by a dog walker.

The ground showed where she paddled her front legs in a desperate attempt to get up, but she was unable to stand.  When the RSPCA and a veterinarian arrived, the horse had frost on her face and mane.  “When I arrived the horse was making moaning sounds – it was absolutely horrific,”  RSPCA Inspector Sheona Morley told reporters.  She went on to say “Very sadly the vet could see that she was clearly suffering and she was put to sleep. Leaving a horse for dead like this, in freezing conditions, is a callous thing to do. Whoever did it had no regards for the horse’s wellbeing whatsoever.”

No information is available as to why a 12-year-old horse was dying and unable to stand.




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