Dying Pregnant Mare in Labor Dumped on Road

Officers with the RSPCA are searching for those responsible for dumping a dying, in labor, mare alongside the road in England.

Orsett, England – A very pregnant mare in labor was dumped along the highway, too weak and sick to stand or move herself from danger.  Concerned drivers called the RPSCA, who responded as quickly as they could.  Unfortunately, she was already dead when officers arrived.

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“All the evidence points to her being still alive when she was dumped, and in the process of giving birth, but although I got there as soon as I could after we were called – she was already dead,” RSPCA Inspector Rebecca Benson told reporters.  She went on to say “We don’t know if it was complications with her pregnancy which killed her, but it is desperately sad that she was left without any veterinary care in such an exposed spot and when she was at her most vulnerable.”

Officers are searching for those responsible for this heinous crime.


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