Emaciated Cart Horse Abandoned to Die

Emaciated horse being lifted onto truck.
Emaciated horse being lifted onto truck.

Santa Maria, Brazil – A 17-year-old cart horse, abused and emaciated, was abandoned in a field by her uncaring owner.  The mare collapsed, unable to stand, slowly dying.  On Sunday a local veterinarian visited the horse, and declared that she could not survive.  The vet anesthetized the horse to relieve her suffering and allow her to die in peace.

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She had other ideas, and the next day the horse was still alive, still suffering, and had a temperature of 104.  The community rallied to rescue the horse, and locals started bringing buckets of water so she could drink.  A crane truck was brought in to rescue the mare, and with careful strapping she was gently hoisted onto the truck and taken to the Veterinary Hospital of the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM.) Vets examined the mare and determined she had a good chance of survival.

It is believed the horse was a cart horse, and when she could no longer work for her owner, was abandoned to die in the field.

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