England’s Oldest Donkey Dies

Friday with Tyler and William

Llandysul, Wales – England’s oldest donkey passed away from natural causes at his home.  The senior donkey, named Friday, spent his days wandering around his farm and eating bread.  “He was naughty and mischievous and spent his time in our garden being fed bread every day. His stable door was never shut and he could come and go as he pleased,” owner Wendy Hoyland said.

Friday was 53-years-old, or about 110 in human years, when he passed away.  He was greatly loved by his family, including parents Darren and Wendy, and boys Tyler and William.  The boys miss Friday terrible, Wendy told reporters.

The Guinness World Records lists Suzy as the longest living donkey, who died in 2002 at 54-years-old.  She was owned by Beth Menczer of Glendwood, New Mexico.  Donkey’s typically live 25-30 years.

Friday, England's oldest donkey.
Friday, England’s oldest donkey.
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