Feds to Remove 75% Utah Wild Horse Herd

Onaqui wild horses, photographed 2014.
Onaqui wild horses, photographed 2014.

Utah – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has proposed to remove 75% of the Onaqui herd 40 miles southwest of Salt Lake City.  The agency claims they have to remove the majority of the herd to protect sage grouse habitat.

“It’s a beautiful herd loved by many, so we want to make sure we approach this in an open fashion,” Lisa Reid, BLM spokeswoman, said. “There are several factors playing a role in this and livestock grazing is not one of them.”

Wild horse advocates worry the proposed roundup signals a failure of the birth control plan.  “The BLM is not giving PZP a chance to stabilize population growth and reduce herd numbers over time,” said Deniz Bolbol of the American Wild Horse Campaign. “Rather the agency reverts to its old, failed status quo roundup and remove method which is not ‘management’ and destroys horse families.”


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