Gentle Carousel Horses Killed by Dogs

Therapy Horses Mozart and Catherine

Columbia County, Florida – Two of the Gentle Carousel Therapy miniature horses were killed by neighbors dogs.  The dogs, a pit bull and a german shepherd mix, killed one of the dogs outright, and caused such serious injury to the other that it succumbed to its injuries after 10 days of intensive treatment at the veterinarian hospital.

Therapy horse Mozart
Therapy Horse Mozart

Mozart was dead in his pasture when caretakers discovered him, and Catherine was covered in blood.  “We woke up Saturday morning and Catherine was covered with blood,” Gentle Carousel’s Executive Director Jorge Garcia-Bengochea said. “We had no idea what had transpired, so I quickly loaded her up and put her in the trailer to take her to a veterinarian’s office and we found Mozart who had  been killed, mauled by these dogs.”

Therapy Horse Catherine
Therapy Horse Catherine

Both Mozart and Catherine received over 2 years of training to become therapy horses.  Catherine helped the first responders to the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

Therapy Horse Catherine
Therapy Horse Catherine

The dogs involved in the attack belonged to a neighbor, and the pit bull had shown signs of aggression in the past.  When officers made contact with the owner, she admitted that her dogs had escaped her yard and were gone for an extended period of time.  Both dogs were signed over to Animal Control and were put down.  The owner is facing a fine.

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