Havasupai Tribe Member Arrested for Horse Abuse

Abused horse at Havasupai (not Watahomigie's horse.)
Abused horse at Havasupai (not Watahomigie's horse.)

Havasupai Fall, Arizona – In a rare case of animal abuse enforcement, a member of the Havasupai Indian Tribe has been arrested.  Cecil Watahomigie was arrested by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and charged with 3 misdemeanors.  Two of the misdemeanors were related to horse neglect and failure to provide veterinarian care for his animals, and the third was for an alcohol violation.

The Havasupai trail, to spectacular Havasupai Falls, is on reservation land, and the tribe is responsible for setting and enforcing guidelines for the pack animals used to transport tourists and gear the 20 mile round trip to the falls.  The routine abuse of the animals, with horses dying on the trail and being pushed off into the canyon, has been well documented over the years, with scant enforcement of animal welfare laws.

The veterinarian who examined Watahomigie’s horse found it to be a body score of 2.5.  He also found the horse was chronically malnourished and had open skin lesions from poorly fitted packs and overworking.

Watahomigie appeared in federal court and was released on his own recognizance, under the condition he refrain from using drugs or alcohol, not posses any firearms, and participate in drug and alcohol counseling.

The horse is being held in a Bureau of Indian Affairs holding pen near Supai.

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