Headphones For Horses

Horsecom - headphones for horses

Scientists have discovered a new way to help keep your horse calm and focused on you: bluetooth headphones that fit over the ears like a glove.  The special hat houses headphones that direct the sound directly into the horse’s ears.

Horse wearing Horsecom headphone
Horse wearing Horsecom headphones

The company manufacturing the headphones, Horsecom, believes the headphones when paired with the right music produces a calming, focusing effect on horses.  A optional microphone allows the rider to speak directly into their horses ears.

A showjumper in England, Yazmin Pinchen, has tested the earphones with her 14-year-old horse, Vinny. “When I originally put the music on, Vinny was a little bit shocked but after a few minutes he was more settled.  A special headset, pictured right, clips to the rider’s helmet allows them to talk to their horse through the headphones.  When you’re just walking and warming up you want something that’s quite relaxing and soothing.  You don’t want to wind your horse up immediately and get him running away.”


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