Horse Antibodies Cure Ebola

Horse Blood Farm
Horse Blood Farm

The first economically viable cure for Ebola has been discovered by scientists, and it comes from horses.  The treatment is effective for those who are exposed to or have contracted Ebola, and will be ready for manufacture soon.  50% of people who contract Ebola die from the diesease between 6 and 16 days from when they first show signs of the disease.

The horse antibodies are cheap to produce, making the cure particularly effective in places like Africa, where the disease has killed thousands of people.  Africa already has the manufacturing base in place, as horses are used to produce snake-bite antivenom, and antibodies for rabies, botulism and diphtheria.

The use of horses to produce antibodies is not without a downside.  As reported in October, 2016, The horses at an anti-venom farm in India were bled, sometimes multiple times a day, until they became to weak and died.  In 2015, The Dodo wrote an article examining the dark underworld of the horse blood business.  When animals are used for profit, their welfare takes a backseat to the race for maximum profit.

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