Horse Colliding With Car Caught on Camera

Horse Colliding With Car
Horse Colliding With Car

Transfăgărășan, Romania – A motorcyclist and his friends were following a couple wild horses trotting down the road in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains.  The riders were keeping their distance to avoid scaring the horses.  “There were two horses running on the road and there was no opening.  I did not want to pass and scare them. Unfortunately [a car] came from the other traffic side and [it] became bad,” he wrote.

As the horses were trotting around a corner, a car appears seemingly from nowhere and collided with one of the horses.  The horse rolls over the hood and onto the windshield, then rolls back onto the ground and trots off, seemingly uninjured.  The driver of the now totaled car appears shocked, but also uninjured.


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