Horse Dies From West Nile in Virginia


Wythe County, Virginia – In the first case in Virginia since 2015, a horse has died from West Nile disease.  The 10-year-old Saddlebred was euthanized due to the severity of his symptoms.

“West Nile is a mosquito-borne disease,” Dr Joe Garvin, the head of VDACS’ Office of Laboratory Services said, “and we generally start seeing our first cases in August and September. The disease is usually preventable by vaccination, as is Eastern Equine Encephalitis, so many veterinarians recommend vaccination at least yearly, and in mosquito-prone areas, every six months.”

West Nile symptoms include partial paralysis in the hind limbs, lack of the ability to stand, dazed appearance, and partial lost of motor control.  The mortality rate for West Nile in horses is over 30%.

Horse owners are urged to consult with their veterinarian for a vaccination program to help prevent West Nile.

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