Horse Killer Continues to Abuse

Brandon Fulton

Fulton County, Georgia – In July, 2016, Brandon Fulton was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty when officers found 4 dead horses and 8 emaciated horses on his property.  “It’s pretty horrific back there.  The horses are in various stages of decomposition,” Fulton County Animal Control Field Services Director Tim Poorman told reporters.  Animal Control went on to say it’s the worst horse abuse they had seen.

Animal advocated recently contacted animal control to report Fulton beating horses.  When officers arrived, they found that Fulton had acquired 4 more horses, and they had no access to water.  He was charged with 4 more counts of animal cruelty on Monday.  Fulton’s lawyer contends that the charges are bogus, and claims the community is simply causing problems for Fulton because he is “undesirable.”

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