Horse Meat Recalled Due to Illegal Drugs

Horse Meat Recall
Horse Meat Recall

Canada – The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued several recalls of horse meat produced by the Viande Richelieu Meat company and Metro Richelieu Inc.  The meat has been recalled from Canada, Austria and France after investigators found the meat was contaminated with drugs.

Investigators found Phenylbutazone (bute) in the meat, which causes serious disorders in humans, such as aplastic anaemia.  Remnants of bute in horse meat has long been known to cause aplastic anaemia, particularly in children, and there are no safe levels established. A research paper published in the Irish Veterinary Journal (Vol. 63 No.10) said: “The difficulty with phenylbutazone is that it, or its metabolite, can cause aplastic anemia in children.  If a child were to consumer an animal-based product containing even the minutest amount of bute or its metabolite then the child may develop aplastic anemia.”

This is not the first time horse meat has been recalled in Canada due to drug residue.  In 2011 meat was recalled by the Viande Richelieu brand were recalled due to bute residue in the meat.

The economic loss of the recall is not known at this time.

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