Horse Purposefully Drowned in River

Horse Drowned in River
Horse Drowned in River

Kilkenny, Ireland – A young lady, Sinéad Gibbons, and her mom were taking their daily walk when they passed 3 people with a horse down by the river.  Gibbons thought they were washing their horse and thought no more of it.  On their way back, they realized the horse’s owners had been purposefully drowning their horse.

The horse’s owners had taken the horse into the river, sat on it’s head, and left it to die.  An onlooker had been working for 20 minute, trying to hold the horse’s head above water, when Gibbons and her mother came back by.

Gibbons rushed into the freezing water to help save the horse.  “As freezing cold as the water was, I hoped in and was able to get the poor baby’s head above water. He was still alive at this stage but barely,” Gibbons wrote on her Facebook post.

Gibbons and the man asked every passerby for help, and when enough people stopped to help, the group were able to push and pull the horse from the river.

They called every emergency agency they could think of, and each one responded with “Sorry, there’s nothing we can do.”  The SPCA referred them to another agency, who referred them back to the SPCA.  The fire department never called them back.  A veterinarian finally sent a vet down, but by then it was too late and the horse had died.

“If you’re asking why he killed the horse- the poor pet had bite marks on his leg so I presume they taught he would turn lame. Those sick evil twisted made me lose my hope of humanity, but those kind hearted people who helped us restored it,” Gibbons wrote.

Horse Drowned in River
Horse Drowned in River
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