Horse Rescued by Helicopter

Horse Flying to Safety
Horse Flying to Safety

Angelus Oaks, California – A horse and rider are a bit shaken up after falling over 100′ from the Santa Ana trail.  The rider, an unidentified female, was able to walk up the steep bank with assistance by firefighters and ropes.  She suffered minor injuries in the fall.

Firefighters from multiple jurisdictions came together to rescue the grey horse.  The horse and rider were first seen by a Highway Patrol helicopter in the San Bernardino county.  The horse sling was provided by the Rancho Cucamonga fire department, and LA County fire department provided the helicopter.

The horse was sedated, blindfolded, and securely fastened in the sling before its short ride to a safe place.  It was motionless for the flight, and only gave a brief struggle to regain its footing once landed.  The horse suffered minor injuries in the fall down the ravine.

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