Horse rescued from freezing river.

Horse Rescued From Frozen River

Idaho County, Idaho – Citizens and law enforcement worked together to rescue a horse that had become stranded in a frozen river.  Law enforcement was called for assistance to help remove the horse from the freezing river, where it was standing submerged to its chest.  No one knows how long the horse was standing in the river, or how it got there.

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Members of the Idaho County sheriff and citizens formed a plan to put sheets of plywood and an extension ladder on the ice close enough to rope the horse.  The horse was then carefully pulled from the river.  To the relief of the rescue workers, the horse appears to be OK with the exception of minor injuries on its legs.

Horse rescued from freezing river.
Horse rescued from freezing river.

The sheriff praised the community for coming together to help the horse in need. “Idaho County citizens are the best, they are willing to help regardless whether it is man or beast that is in trouble,” Doug Giddings, Idaho County Sheriff, told reporters.

Original story and photos: KTVB

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