Horse Rescued From Tractor Tire Feeding Trough

Katy stuck in tire trough.

Windsor, Colorado – Katy, a 25-year-old draft horse, found herself in trouble when she laid down in her feed trough and couldn’t get back up.  The feed trough was made from a large tractor tire, and Katy just couldn’t get her hooves back under herself to get up.  When Katy’s owners found her, she had already been stuck in the tire for several hours.

Realizing they could not help her up, Katy’s owners called Windsor Severance Fire and Rescue, who responded with specialized equipment.  Firefighters were able to put a strap under Katy, and hoist her with their ladder truck.  It took about an hour to get Katy out of the tire and standing on all four legs.  “Few people know that large animal rescue is a speciality and requires a coordinated effort of rescuers, proper equipment and even an on-scene response of a large animal veterinarian. Given our large agricultural service area we feel it’s an important part of our services to our citizens,” the fire department wrote on their Facebook page.

A veterinarian checked over Katy and she survived her tiring experience without injury.

Photos and Story: Windsor Severance Fire Rescue


Katy standing after being rescued.
Katy standing after being rescued.
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