Horse Shot Through Neck With Arrow

Jasper shot through the neck with an arrow.
Jasper shot through the neck with an arrow.

Gridley, California – When Crystal Kathryn received a phone call from her brother-in-law saying her horse had been shot in the neck, she thought he was playing a cruel prank on her.  She drove home, and when she arrived home, her nightmare became a reality when she saw the hunting arrow protruding out both sides of Jasper’s neck.

She immediately called Butte County Sheriff, and an officer was dispatched.  From the angle and trajectory it looked like someone stood in the nearby orchard and deliberately shot the horse.  He cut off both ends of the arrow for evidence, leaving the shaft through Jasper’s neck for the veterinarian to remove.

Crystal’s brother rushed Jasper to Loomis Basin Veterinarian Hospital.  The vet cleaned the injury, put a drain in, and prescribed a treatment plan for Jasper, who is expected to heal completely.  “I have to thank Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center a million times over! They were so great with her and explained every process thoroughly. Tulsa was such a trooper through the entire ordeal though you could see she was in tremendous pain,” Kathryn wrote.  “Tulsa now has a drain tube through her neck, multiple injections for a few days, as well as a flushing process, and pain meds to help her with her recovery.”

A GoFundMe has been started to help with Jasper’s medical care, which has raised the goal of nearly $1000 in less than a day, and a Facebook page has been started to share Jasper’s recovery.

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